The top tips of using water softener pellets

Water softener pellets are usually made of salt and you put them in the water in your appliance. These are the most important components of the water softener because they remove minerals from your water and soften it. Salt pellets are some of the most convenient when it comes to water softeners. As with everything else, it will help a lot to know how to use this salt pellets effectively.

The amount

Any salt in your water softener will only be effective if you use the right amount. The amount you use will highly depend on the size of your softener and the type of pellets you’re using. Most of these pallets are made from solar salt but you should check the user manual for your appliance and the guidelines provided on the pellets packet. You need to follow those instructions carefully for your appliance to run smoothly and be efficient.

How to mush

If you’re not already aware of it, then you should know that mushing occurs with water softener pellets. Mush occurs when these pellets dissolve and come together to form a salt sludge. It’s impossible for the solution to dissolve any further once it becomes a sludge. This means that you need to remove it and put in more pellets and start the process all over again. You need to keep on checking your water softener to see whether the sludges are formed.


Pellet come with non-sodium ingredients compared to evaporated salts and they contain about 15% more. These ingredients can clog up your water softener, which makes it highly important that you maintain your appliance to prevent this from happening. You need to check on your appliance on a regular basis to prevent clogging.

Adding more pellets

There are several different ways you can use to add water pellets to your water softener. This will highly depend on your water softener because some of them require that you add the palette manually while others are semi-automatic. You may even have a fully automatic appliance. Once you’re aware of the kind of system you have, then it will be easier for you to know when to add more.

Changing salts

It is easy to change from one type of salt but this is not recommended because different salts have different effects on water. If you actually have a particular hard water, it will be suitable for you to use evaporated salt instead of pellet because evaporated salts always remove more minerals than pellets. You should not by any means mixed different salts.


If you plan to scent your water from the water softener appliance, you should only add half a bag of pellets and the other half of fragrance, then add the other half of both respectively. You should ensure the fragrance does not interfere with the taste of the water, or just use it for showering. Unless you have several water softness, adding fragrances is not recommended because you’ll possibly drink the water at some point.

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