How to Buy a Wine Decanter

To many people who are young and just learning the basics of drinking wine, investing in a decanter might seem like a pointless purchase. It’s a silly indulgence for most, because you can just pour the wine directly from the bottle into a glass. Why do you need an extra container to pour the wine into before you pour it into a glass? However, when you actually drink wine that has been decanted properly, you will realise that there’s actually quite a bit of a difference. But, if you are interested in buying a decanter, you should know that there are a number of different things you need to consider. Here are some simple tips for buying a decanter.

What Is It?

Before you go shopping for a decanter, it’s important to understand what it is and how it works. A decanter is more than just a pretty bottle sitting on your table. A wine decanter is a serving vessel that helps expose your wine to air before you drink it. This exposure brings out the flavour in the wine, resulting in a much better taste. More importantly, you will be able to taste all of the complexities of the wine just as it was intended by the manufacturer.

Tips for Buying a Decanter

There are a few important factors that you need to consider before you purchase a decanter. For instance, the first thing you will need to consider is the price of the decanter. You can easily find simple decanters that retail for less than 20 AUD, while there are more elaborate models which are priced in the hundreds. Before you go shopping, it’s recommended that you set a budget. There are certain decanters which can cost a considerable amount of money because of the type of material used in the manufacturing and craftsmanship. If you are not a regular wine drinker, you might not want to make such a big investment.

Another important thing you need to consider is the size of the decanter. How big of a decanter do you want? Do you want one that is capable of holding a full bottle, or do you want one that can hold a few glasses? It’s recommended that you first evaluate the size of decanter you need to figure out what size you should buy. If you usually prefer drinking with a group of people, it might be a wise idea to buy a large decanter. However, if you usually sit alone or drink with a partner and aren’t a heavy drinker, you might want to consider buying a small decanter.

Last but not least, you need to figure out the style of decanter that you want. It’s recommended that you compare the various styles and then decide which decanter would be ideal on your table. You can check out local shops to find a decanter that is ideal for your requirements.



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