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Five Common Issues Associated with Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Business owners think that commercial carpet cleaning is just about using water, cleaning solutions, and some type of machine. They believe that anyone can do it. However, effective commercial cleaning requires expertise and only those who are doing it for a living can be trusted.

Keep in mind that carpets are not cheap. When you add the cost of buying them, plus installation, you will realize your commercial carpet is an investment you must protect. You can only get the most out of your commercial carpet when you use the right cleaning process. But, does anyone in your company have the knowledge and experience? Using the wrong practice when cleaning commercial carpets can lead to different problems. Without hiring the services, below are some of the common problems you can run into.

Using Too Much Rug Shampoo

Applying too much shampoo to your carpet during cleaning and not rinsing it properly will lead to the carpet attracting dirt and other particles. This makes it important to follow the instructions of manufacturers without skipping a step. A carpet that is over-shampooed will need cleaning again sooner than later which will cost you both money and time.

Using Too Much Water on the Carpet

Depending on the carpet material’s quality, the problem can range from a slight discoloration to actual shrinkage. As with too much shampoo, it is possible to overdo carpet rinsing. This is something professional commercial carpet cleaners will never do.

Over-wetting the carpet often results from the use of a cleaning machine that does not have the right amount of suction to pull the moisture out. To avoid over wetting the carpet, professionals use the cleaning method called Encapsulation or dry cleaning. Also, they use Truckmount, a machine used in steam cleaning carpets and floors. It lets cleaners simultaneously perform hot water injection and vacuum extraction.

Ruined Carpet Fibers

Your carpet fiber can mat, fuzz, and wear because of certain processes. For instance, these problems can take place when all the soil from the carpet is not removed. Not rinsing and pulling the dirt out of the carpet can produce the same effect as sandpaper when it gets walked on as the fibers break down.  Also, these issues can occur when the cleaner uses the wrong cleaning equipment for the kind of carpet.

Using Wrong Cleaning Solutions

A carpet cleaner who hasn’t undergone extensive training to the job professionally will end up using the wrong cleaning solution that can cause serious damage to carpets. But, professional commercial carpet cleaners will use hypoallergenic, residue-free solution for a successful carpet cleaning. Most of them use either the truckmount steam and extraction system when doing their job.


Messing up your office carpet is easier than you may have thought. Discoloration can take place when your cleaner uses a DIY, over-the-counter spot cleaner or your hire an untrained cleaner. Bleaching agents are found in store-bought spotters and can bleach the carpet instantly. While bleaching can take care of floor stains, the bleached spot will be lighter than the rest of the tile floors, depending on the amount of bleach applied. When used in carpets, bleach can turn your carpets red, green, or blue.

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