A Homeowner’s Basic Guide To Dryer Duct Cleaning!

Many people are oblivious to the hazards related to a blocked dryer vent. Besides risks related to fire, there are other concerns too. In case of gas dryers, carbon monoxide can get trapped when the duct is blocked. Also, if the vents are not clean, the dryer has to work more extensively, and in the long run, this can impact performance. Not to forget, more use of the dryer also means increased energy bills. In short, you must ensure that the dryer ducts are clean, for which professional assistance is an absolute must. In this post, we are discussing more on looking for dryer duct cleaning service and related aspects that matter.

Do I need professional services?

Absolutely! Do not underestimate the need for professional dryer duct cleaning. If the vent is blocked completely, heat will be trapped, and this could lead to a serious fire. Cleaning dryer ducts requires experience and expertise, and you need to look for a service you can rely on. The service will send a professional, who will disconnect the dryer hose and do an initial inspection. Once the vent has been completely cleaned, they will replace filters if required, and the expert will also check if the hose is in good shape. Sometimes, replacing the dryer hose is recommended to avoid frequent need for cleaning. Before the job is taken up, you can expect an estimate.

How much does dryer duct cleaning cost?

It depends on the service you choose and the extent of the debris/built-up in the vent. At the most, you may have to pay around $100. The time required for dryer duct cleaning is less than an hour or so. Ideally, get the dryer vents checked with the air ducts of your HVAC system at least once a year. Considering the risks, that price is worth paying.

When to consider dryer duct cleaning?

If your dryer is taking longer to work and dry the clothes, it could be an issue with the duct. In some cases, you may find that the dryer is overheating during use. These are general signs of dryer duct problems, but make sure that you get an inspection done at least every year. Find a contractor who offers cleaning using HEPA filtered equipment, and they should be able to offer some guarantee on the job.

Do ask for an estimate in advance before asking for the cleanup!

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